Saturday, July 12, 2008

got protesters?

man oh man gas is getting way out of hand i know ...but why are protesters blaming the war in Iraq AND BUSH FOR THIS? people were out at the chevron in mass force with there peace signs and impeach bush...bring our kids home...etc...etc... don't people know we choose to fight over there? we want to be there? have people forgot about 9/11? the war isn't over oil...may bee a bit but we just cant pull out or all the work I've done and seen over there is a waste...and i would literally cry if what has gone into my head for life is all for waste!....any way people don't understand that protesting is offensive to us military people! we chose to enlist....i cant imagine Vietnam...fighting so hard and coming home and getting spit on...i would kill someone! anyway i love you all....just venting! how do you feel about protesters?


Mary said...

although I believe in the right for anyone to protest, I do not believe in what they are protesting.

I choose to not look at it... I am proud of all our soldiers who enlisted and went to Iraq.

Very proud!

I think what they want is the boys and girls home safe, and they believe this is not a war we should be fighting... in some ways I agree... but in the longer picture, cutting down terrorists now sends a message for our stand free!

scuba steve said...

i am not saying not to protest...but do it in your back yard! it is the war we should be fighting...sadam hussain is just as bad if not worse than hitler he massacured hundreds of thousands of innocent people and ran the country into the ground we did our job and captured him....hung him...and killed his 2 sons who were worse than him...woman and children can now walk unveiled in the streets because of the hard work people like myself put in...blood...sweat and pleanty of tears!...we can rebuild this delicate country and as a stronger greater nation it is our responsibility!


Mary said...

Hoo Rah..

Remember...protesting has helped considerably in the past...

people need to be able to express themselves publically... do not be a hater or you are just like them.

you do not have to agree with them, but you don't have to hate them also..

I admire your passion steve! And your spirit... I love you!

Vicki said...

I agree so much with your views Steven.
Consider those protesters ignorant of the issues.
I can understand not condoning war, who likes war?
But, to the military and our government, respect should be shown. It looked like a freakin' Iranian protest against America in our own country.
Hate it.

Monica said...

I agree with you babe.

but these people dont understand the all the reasons we are there, which is unfortunate for them to have to be so ignorant.
they just need something to blame the high gas prices on.

Valerie said...

You know what is wrong with protesters? They are hippies. Dirty, dirty hippies.... Remember my hippie rant?

"Yeah man, we don't even know what we are protesting about, but, like, let's be cool and go protest, yeah.... it is all part of the government's plan to keep us down and ruin the world...."

Sarah Michele said...

Uh oh, umm... no comment? :)

Agree to disagree?